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50 things i love about SKINS

Favorite 15 Episodes

.15 - Sketch season two, episode two

i know most people dont really like sketch, but i loved how crazy she was. and she was teenage crazy, not i kill myself because naomi doesnt love me crazy. this episode is always a favorite of mine because we get to see our awesome cast at a costume party.I will never get over seeing Chris and Posh Kenneth as Driving Mrs. Daisy

.14 - Everyone season three, episode one

The very first episode of the new cast. I think the big reason I didnt like Gen 2 as much is because there is no sense of friendship. If you know me, then you know how much I love the three Muskateers and what a great way to open up the series. Of course, they HAD to fuck it up by having all three boys fall for Effy but season four fixed their friendship for me, slightly.

.13 - JJ season four, episode six

This episode kind of seemed misplaced in contrast to the rest of the season and I love that about it. From Thomas to Emily to Cook, a nice episode that had a happy ending was more than welcome from me. I wish the JJ and Thomas friendship had more airtime(or either of them had more airtime, really) because them running around and goofing off is something the second gen needed once in a while. Plus, how fucking adorable was that baby?!

.12 - Jal season two, episode eight

This episode had me in tears. When Jal told her family she was pregnant, and the conversation she had with her father just killed me. When she went to the hospital and kissed his hands and gave him the coin. Still a little upset that in the end, it was Cassie that ended up with the coin.(Stupid, I know)

.11 - Cassie season one, episode two

My favorite Skins character, this episode is one of my all time favs.No other actor could've played Cassie as well as Hannah did. It was pretty obvious in episode one that Cassie had an eating problem and I'm glad they didnt prolonge it longer than necessary. I love how quickly she falls for Sid and just wants him to like her. And of course, the ending was perfect.A little misleading (of course she wouldnt be cured over one episode, but we could've hoped she got better, right?)

.10 - Kate & Emily season three, episode nine

I think I may love the Fitch family more than the Stonems. Yeah. I also love the relationship between Katie and Emily and their cute little dress montage made me smile. I was never a huge Naomily shipper, and I think Naomi yanked Emily around, but the two walking away with Emily finally stepping out of her sisters shadow was great.

.09 - Freddie season three, episode five

I know most of the people on LJ dont really like Funsponge, but I do. I loved the bigger focus we got on Karen and Freddies rocky relationship with his family. The Search for the next Sexxbomb was highly amusing, if not a little farfetched. No matter how much I loved Freddie, I loved that he got called out on being an angsty little douche. Between his scenes with Cook and JJ, to the gorgeous scenes with Effy, I was a little dissapointed that we didnt get more character developemnt from him.

.08 - Katie season four, episode four

I'm not going to get all into the bad-assness of Katie in this episode(thats coming up later) but how badass was Katie in this episode? The scene at the clinic had me laughing uncomfortably to having my heart go out to her. The ending, with the Fitch family sitting around eating pizza was great. But my favorite Fitch family moment was when she saw her brother in a dress and just smiled.

.07 - Chris season two, episode five

I didnt think the second seasons episode of Chris could top season one's, but mad was I wrong. From his relationship with Jal, his friendship with Cassie and finally putting his feelings for Angie behind him, this is the perfect episode of character growth. I loved that he got a job he was good at(seriously upset that Cassie ruined that.) and actually tried to be a better person for Jal. Not to mention we got to see Cassie slapping Sid, which is always a good thing. lol

.06 - Effy season one, episode eight

At first, I thought an episode centered around a character who didnt even speak was a bit lame, but I ended up eating my words because this episode was fantastic.Sid standing up to Tony was a long time coming and I was finally glad that Tony realized he didnt want to be seen as a wanker forever.

.05 - Freddie season four, episode five

How gorgeous was this episode? I've always been a Freffy shipper but just the way Freddie did everything in his power to help Effy broke my heart.I talked about his last episode having hardly any character development but this episode kind of had everything come full circle. Last season, he yelled at his Dad for not trying hard enough to save his mother, only to see him losing the same fight with Effy.

.04 - Cook season four, episode three

Talk about a fantastic episode.What an interesting surprise when we saw that Cook had a younger brother who he adored.( I also love his crazy mother). I actually used to dislike Cook, a lot, but this episode changed it all for me. When he finally saw that his actions were having a terrible effect on his brother, Jack's acting was brilliant. In fact, Jack was pefect throughout the whole episode.

.03 - Tony season one, episode one

What can I say about this episode? It was great. The friendships, the party, the characters. I loved that within the first few minutes, Tony had gotten a hold of every character. There was no overly dramatic storylines, just teens having fun.

.02 - Series Finale season one, episode nine

This episode was great. The one thing I hated about the season three ending was that it revolved around the triangle from hell and this was sort of the exact opposite. We got great Maxxie/Anwar scenes, Tony/Michelle, not to mention the epic Sid/Cassie reunion on the bench. Talk about a great cliffhanger as well.

.01 - Series Finale season two, episode ten

As much as I loved the first finale, the one is my tops. All of them coming together one last time for Chris's funeral. I cried most of the time.
Favorite 5 Characters

Elizabeth 'Effy' Stonem

This spot was at first meant for Sid, then Freddie, but eventually went to Effy. I can pinpoint why I love almost every other character, but its different with Effy. I spend most of the time loving Kaya, thankful that we got all four seasons with her but really hating the triangle of doom. I love Effy because she doesnt give a shit. She's awesome.
James Cook

NGL, I thought Cook was a terribly overrated character at first but he really won me over in the season finale of the third season. Jack is one of the best actors of the entire series(Gen 1 included) and I'd reccomend his episode of season four to almost anyone.

Cassandra 'Cassie' Ainsworth

From the moment she stepped on screen and kissed Tony, I've been a Cassie fan first. While I really didnt love her weird hippie lifestyle of season two where she threw herself to the wind, I still liked her. I loved her open attitude and how really fucked up Cassie was. Hannah played her perfectly.
Kathryn 'Katie' Fitch

The ultimate HBIC, Katie is loud and sometimes a little obnoxious but doesn't that make her even better when she says things like 'Don't let them see you cry'. She has intense love for her family and its such a shame she didnt get more focus. Here's hoping she pops up in the movie.
Anthony 'Tony' Stonem

Tony Stonem is awesome. I had such a love hate relationship with him. And then, in episode eight when he told Sid he thought that was one quality he thought everyone loved about him but that he wanted to change, Tony officially had my heart forever.

Top 5 Bromance Moments

.05 - S2E10 Maxxie invites Anwar to London with him.

I cant even explain how ridiculously happy this scene made me. I fucking love their friendship and when Maxxie decided to take Anwar along, I almost wanted to cry, I was so happy. What a perfect way to end on these two.

.04 - S1E08 Tony tells Sid he wants to change

What a great scene. I love everything about it. Tony decides he doesnt like being what other people want him to be and that he really loves Sid. And Sid telling him that he sort of owns him too.

.03 - S3E05 Cook tells Freddie he loves him

Cook was such a bastard in this scene. I had to laugh though when it was revealed that he was the reason Karen lost the sexxbomb show,though.(I rolled my eyes so hard). Not to mention when he punched the family portrait. However, these two own my heart. I never shipped slash boy pairings before these two and this episode changed it all for me. I love that Freddie doesnt back down from Cook and that Cook openly admits he loves him in the midst of a fist fight.

.02 - S2E10 Tony tells Sid he's always loved him best

This scene breaks my heart. After such a rocky season, this one line just kills me.

.01 - S4E08 Freddie breaks down in Cook's arms

No matter how much I love sid/tony, they have nothing on Cook and Freddie. Through the whole episode we see Freddie trying to keep it together for himself and for Effy and in this last scene, Luke and Jack are just so natural together. God I'm going to miss these two more than anything else from Gen 2.

Top 5 Relationships

Naomi and Emily

I dont really ship these two, but I can admit they are hella cute. I hated the way Naomi jerked Emily around (I can understand she was merely confused) but to then have her sleep with another girl after just admitting she loves Emily? Laaaaaame. Why not leave the interloping crap to the Cook/Effy/Freddie and make Naomily deal with the issues of being gay?

Chris and Jal

I remember loving these two so much in season one and I wish that they would have gotten rid of Angie sooner, but I guess waiting was better. Maybe. They were so good together that I just wish they had more time.

Freddie and Effy

I loved these two (which is not a popular opinion but i really dont care). I've got to admit, I didnt really care for Effy being all afraid to love and shit, but I definitely loved them in season four.

Freddie and Cook

Their chemistry is the best out of any pairing of Gen 2 and I honestly ship them more than Creffy or Freffy. I hate that they killed Freddie for no god damn reason but in my mind Cook beat the shit out of Dr. Foster and will never find anyone he loves more than Freddie. The end.

Sid and Cassie

My skins OTP. Sid was such a jackass for hurting her so much. I only wish we didnt get so much Sid/Michelle in season two because it just seemed like a waste of time. I would normally say that Sid needed to realize that Michelle wasnt the one for him, but when its Tony telling them what they already know, does it really count?

5 Missed Couple Opportunites

Katie and Cook

Can you imagine the awesomeness of these two getting together. They'd just argue and have makeup sex the entire time.

Katie and Thomas

I really thought that was where these two were headed. And, seriously, it would be a 1000 times better than Thomas and Panda.

Tony and Maxxie

Talk about chemistry overlooked. The one major flaw about Gen 1 is that the couples were set since day one.

Cook and Karen

My new favorite ship. I'd much rather see these two get together after everything is revealed about Freddie than Cook/Effy.

Tony and Cassie

Their scene in Tony's episode where they were in the club made me ship them something feirce. I would have been completly ok with the two of them getting together, following their new outlooks on life.

5 Most Underused Characters


Its too bad they didnt use him more. Not only has he proven himself to be a great actor, but he had a ton of storyline potential with his strict religion and...uh..lifestyle. lol.


Really not sure why he didn't have much of a storyline. He's a good looking guy who can act. It seems like when the writers aren't sure what to do, they throw in a crazy stalker.


I feel bad for Ollie sometimes. Wedged between the two male leads of the new generation, he wasnt given really much of a chance. I wish they would have delved past the cliche, awkward teen some more. "Me, you and JJ. Best mates for life." I fucking love those three.


Sometimes I loved Panda, other times I hated her. It seemed like they couldn't decide whether they wanted to make her ridiculously slow or just plain naive.


Why wasn't she featured more??? She's bitchy and awesome. I would've loved to see her and Katie become friends and just walk around being feirce. lol

Top 10 Scenes(in no particular order)

S1E01 The car goes into the Lake

S4E03 I'm Katie Fucking Fitch

S3E09 Naomily admit their love

S2E10 Fuck it, for Chris

S4E08 Freddie's B-Day

This is how it always should have been with this generation.

S2E10 Tony and Sid steal Chris's coffin

S4E05 Freddie fights Effy's demons

S4E03 Cook breaks down

S1E05 Cassie tries committing suicide

S1E09 It's A Wild World

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